Title Author Nr. Year Medium
Plasser & Theurer: Delivering safety, reliability and cost-efficiency C. Peinsipp B. Metzger 5 2017 GRR
Innovation boost in track maintenance R. Wenty 1 2017 ETR-I
Reducing the occurrence of inner curve corrugations F. Auer   2016  
40 Years of “Dynamic Track Stabilisation” K. Rießberger R. Wenty   2015  
The URM 700: the first machine enabling ballast cleaning in turnouts in assembly-line method H. Wörgötter M. Zuzic 1 2015 ETR-I
Multi-function track recording cars F. Auer 3+4 2013 RTR
Innovations and proven equipment at the iaf 2013 R. Becker 2 2013 RTR
Track ballast in Austria Ch. Kuttelwascher 88/89/90 2012 RI
Modern track renewal on the West Coast Main Line R. Spoors 4 2012 RTR
Track formation improvement - problems, development and implementation: Part 1. K. Lieberenz F. Piereder 85-86 2011 RI
DB Netz uses satellites to locate track in three dimensions L. Marx 11 2008 RGI
13 years of experience with rail-mounted formation rehabilitation on the Austrian network F. Auer R. Schilder M. Zuzic H. Breymann 1 2008 RTR
Non-destructive continuous dynamic measurement of lateral track resistance offers real-time results directly after track maintenance R. van den Bosch 2 2007 REI
Plasser & Theurer machines and technologies applied for track maintenance of high-speed railway lines: a selection R. Wenty 1 2007 REI
Systems analysis of point-relaying machines T. Siefer L. Lücking 1 2007 RTR
Latest Developments in Track Rehabilitation and Maintenance R. Wenty   2007 RTR
Machines and technology for high-capacity lines R. Wenty 2 2006 ERR
Installation, renewal and maintenance of overhead catenary systems by means of a specially designed catenary installation and renewal machine M. Irsigler 4 2006 REI
Optimized deployment of track maintenance machines thanks to the use of high-quality wearing parts P.Flatscher 4 2006 RTR
High-capacity, precision and reliability in track maintenance R. Wenty 3 2006 RTR
Cost-effective repair and overhaul of track-maintenance machines: Nationwide experience in Germany P. Flatscher 2 2006 RTR
Criteria for cost-effective ballast cleaning: machine design considerations H. Misar 4 2005 REI
Ballast cleaning of single-track lines: a strategic analysis R. Schilling 1 2005 REI
Innovative catenary installation technology applied on German Rail W. König U.Michalski 2 2004 REI
Greater availability of track maintenance machines due to the use of new wear-resistant materials P. Flatscher 3 2004 RTR
The EM-SAT 120 Track Survey Car, an integrated part of the track geometry data base of the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB E. Sackl 2 2004 RTR
Bringing Objectivity into System Decisions between Ballasted Track H. Koriath A. Hamprecht H. Huesmann P.Ablinge 2-3 2003 RTR
Intelligent Ballast Management Will Cut Costs H. Misar 8 2002 IRJ
Plasser Combo Provides High-Capacity Maintenance   3 2002 IRJ
Track substructure renewal on Polish State Railways H. Beczkowski 2 2002 REI
Optimised catenary maintenance measures on Austrian Federal Railways J. Kohel 1 2002 REI
Further Development of Mechanised Ballast Cleaning E. Klotzinger 2-3 2002 RTR
Track Machine Costs Need To Be Optimised R. Wenty 12 2001 IRJ
Innovative Measuring System Unveiled G. Oberlechner J. Zywiel 9 2001 IRJ
IM2000 Infrastructure Measuring Car: the application of recording results G. van der Merwe L.C. Zaayman P.B. Venter 4 2001 REI
Measuring tunnel clearances faster B. Metzger 5 2001 RGI
Plasser's Monster Millennium Machine   3 2000 IRJ
Formation rehabilitation on Austrian Federal Railways - five years of operating experience with the AHM 800-R R. Schilder F. Piereder 4 2000 REI
The EM 250 high-speed track recording coach and the EM-SAT 120 track survey car, as networked track geometry diagnosis and therapy systems G. Presle 3 2000 REI
New catenary renewal technology introduced on Polish State Railways P. Koroblowski 2 2000 REI
Machines for Catenary Construction and Maintenance R. Wenty 2 2000 RTR
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